Unarguably iconic, Mulberry bags find themselves lovingly wedged in the crook of many a fashionistas' arm season after season. Controversially, the Alexa just doesn't do it for me. Too 'it' to last more than a season, too slouchy to be considered a true classic, and to be honest, too much like your old school satchel. Now don't get me wrong, if someone offered to by me the Alexa, I wouldn't say no. I'd grab it with two hands, utter my Ps and Qs quick sharpish, and rush home to flog it on eBay. Because folks, the Bayswater is the bag for me.  

I've heard many dub the Bayswater 'boring,' 'too grown-up' and 'stuffy,' but you only have to reference the leopard print calf hair bag to refute these claims. I want.