Undeniably chic, Victoria Beckham's dresses are undoubtedly the basis of a dream wardrobe. However, as much as I adore La Beckham's classic style, don't just add platforms and a Birkin - instead try pairing this creamy crepe dress with brown, beiges and pops of orange.

Crepe Dress - Victoria Beckham £1,800
Camel Hat - Topshop £25
Crystal Earrings - Kenneth Jay Lane £215
Peep-toe Booties - Christian Louboutin £695
Tillie bag - Mulberry £795
Bangles - Topshop £15
Orange Fizz Polish - Chanel £16.50


Cupcakes are undoubtedly the epitome of pretty, so I whipped up three batches for my workmates to devour. Met by 'oohs', 'ahhs', and 'Natalie, these are divine', my colleagues happily chomped down these 36 cakes within a matter of hours.

Admittedly, I'm still somewhat heavy handed with a piping bag but my Dada's friend makes the most divine cakes - Elizabeth's Cake Emporium. I'm tempted to talk to her for a tip or two.

If any of you fancy putting on your pinny this weekend, I can't recommend the Love Bakery cookbook enough. This nozzle, these piping bags and eBay sprinkles are integral in my baking arsenal.

Are any of you cupcake-fiends too?

This bag turns heads, demands compliments and spends its days getting sniffed by my friends in cocktail bars. The meaty pink leather is cushioned by grey textured suede, and the smell is oh-so-sweet. If you're considering getting a Bayswater, I have two words for you - do it. Once you go Mulberry, you never go back.

Oh my, I think I've been bitten by the Bayswater bug.

Yes, this post is a month too late, and yes I'm a very bad blogger, but now that I've beaten my post-Christmas blues, I felt compelled to share snippets of my December.

Christmas was a haze of food, excessive Prosecco, gifts, winter walks and lazy hours all spent in our fabulous new house in Elton. I am a total christmas-zilla (grad-zilla, birthday-zilla, hell, I'm just a control freak) which is evident by my perfectly packaged gifts, cohesive colour scheme and planned-to-perfection Christmas menu.

I was spoiled and received incredibly well-chosen gifts, notably a black Barbour jacket (which has suffered a month-long attachment to my torso), a Juicy Couture 'N' necklace, and a stunning fuchsia Bayswater bag, which deserves a post of its own. Oh and how can I forget my iPhone, which infuriates and enchants me in equal measures.

I hope that you all had a fabulous Christmas and that January has been a catalyst for change. It certainly has for me, I've left my job (and lots of lovely people) to get back to mag-land and will be spending the next 4 weeks at Now magazine. Wish me luck.