Upon entering River Island Treasure Island, one is met with a myriad of trends - military jacketsblazers and aviator jackets. However, boasting a comprehensive collection of jackets is not the only thing the brand has ticked off its to-do list. Above are two pairs of booties that managed to score a place in my wardrobe, pre-ban. Gorgeous chunky platforms, hiking boot treads, buckles, laces and shearling. Perfection. River Island have topped Topshop.


  1. Thank you for the sweet comment :)

    Your blog is lovely! And these boots are too die for! x

  2. oh my gosh i want these boots!!!! they're seriously nice, also i like the wiggly wall :)

    i just wave it with my ghd's! - i watched some tutorial vids on youtube and found something that works for me where i basically curl all the hair and then use my hands to loosen the curls out. im so glad i learnt how, because its so much quicker for me then completely straightening!! xx

  3. great boots.


  4. O gosh, these boots are killing me :o They're amazing! BTW: I love your blog (: