My beauty cupboard is loaded with half-used moisturisers, box-fresh powders and barely-used cleansers, all promising to produce perfect skin; yet repeatedly, these products are shunned in favour of what I deem to be beauty's big news

After years spent struggling with my skin, a trip to the dermatologist added Jan Marini Cleansers and iS Clinical super serums to my skincare repertoire. The perfect way to wrap up your skin care regime, the active serum blasts blemishes, soothes angry red marks and produces a glow that no amount of multivitamins could. 

As every beauty-ista knows, SPF is essential for staying wrinkle free, and yet many formulas are heavy, sticky, and upon application induce the fear that one's pores may be clogged until kingdom come. This is where Kiehl's Ultra Light UV Defense kicks SPF arse. Lightweight, yet deliciously rich, the moisturiser protects skin from the sun while simultaneously welcoming primer, foundation and blusher.

It's taken years for me to determine which beauty buys mean business...which products do you consider headline-worthy?

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  1. i love bare esentuals everything - shame i cant spell it lol xxxxx