Yes, this post is a month too late, and yes I'm a very bad blogger, but now that I've beaten my post-Christmas blues, I felt compelled to share snippets of my December.

Christmas was a haze of food, excessive Prosecco, gifts, winter walks and lazy hours all spent in our fabulous new house in Elton. I am a total christmas-zilla (grad-zilla, birthday-zilla, hell, I'm just a control freak) which is evident by my perfectly packaged gifts, cohesive colour scheme and planned-to-perfection Christmas menu.

I was spoiled and received incredibly well-chosen gifts, notably a black Barbour jacket (which has suffered a month-long attachment to my torso), a Juicy Couture 'N' necklace, and a stunning fuchsia Bayswater bag, which deserves a post of its own. Oh and how can I forget my iPhone, which infuriates and enchants me in equal measures.

I hope that you all had a fabulous Christmas and that January has been a catalyst for change. It certainly has for me, I've left my job (and lots of lovely people) to get back to mag-land and will be spending the next 4 weeks at Now magazine. Wish me luck.

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